When you’re so busy, overwhelmed with the process and want to stay focussed, wouldn’t it be nice to be guided through your Tech Nation endorsement application with an expert? 

What this video below to find out how I can help you!

Let me do what I do best… helping you stay focussed throughout the whole application process from start to finish!
  • I have been through the process myself so I understand the journey you are about to embark on.
  • ​I use all of my experience to help you draft your letters of recommendation, your personal statement and all your documents to guide and coach you throughout the whole process using all of my experience saving you time and hassle! 
  • I ease your concerns, answer all your questions and speed up your endorsement document preparation by letting me help you throughout the whole process meaning you can apply for endorsement with as little stress as possible! 
  • Tap into my years’ of experience, from my own successful application and from helping other candidates like you, giving you an even better chance of acceptance!
  • The endorsement rate is 54% while my success rate is 80%! Working with me will increase your chances of a successful endorsement!
  • ​Weekly zoom calls for 8 weeks to ensure you are on track to submit your application on time and with the confidence that you have done everything you need to fulfil the criteria.
Let me do what I’ve done successfully for many others, just like you, and take the stress out of your endorsement application process...

Simply hit the button below to enter your details and complete a short questionnaire, so I can assess your eligibility and work with you to help you apply for the Exceptional Talent or Exceptional Promise endorsement!

Here's What You will Receive From My Most Popular Package:

  • 8 weeks full support
  • ​Weekly calls
  • ​Strategy sessions 
  • ​Access to my DIY Membership Area 
  • ​Support to draft your letters of support and recommendation
  • I ​Provide full structure and support for all documents
  • ​My Help in Identifying and structuring all your achievements, success, impact, innovation and leadership in the tech sector
  • My ​Support in drafting, editing and reviewing all 15 documents
  • ​I Ensure you fulfil all the criteria to submit a strong application
  • ​Personalised service for Stage 1 endorsement 


I felt an absolute whirlwind of emotions. One moment you feel very confident, the next you're not sure, but Michelle was extremely reassuring and based on her own experience and experience with other clients, she's seen it all. There's something very comforting in knowing you're not the only person to doubt yourself during this process. The most remarkable part was the amount of confidence I began to build during our time in working together.  I received so much more than just materials and resources. Michelle provided a valuable second eye on all my documents and writing, she questioned and helped problem-solve and provided endless encouragement which, trust me you're going to need and be very thankful for. 
I'm so grateful for my time with Michelle, we laughed, I cried (almost), and I have come out of the process more confident in who I am as a professional, but also where I want to take my career. It's so worth it!

Jillian | UX Designer, USA
“Hi Michelle. I am writing to let you know I received my endorsement. The amount of work and the effort you put in is remarkable and that was the whole reason I could make it successful. I recall when I started thinking about the 10 documents and the day I submitted, you helped improve the quality and language of my documents and application by more than 80%. I only had the content in my mind but you gave my whole documentation and application proper shape. Thank you Michelle from the bottom of my heart”.

Ajay | Enterprise Architect, India
"Hi Michelle. I received a letter on Friday saying Tech Nation has advised that I for the criteria and the Home Office is therefore happy with the endorsement. Thank you for all of your help, all of the documents and calls were so helpful. I am still in disbelief. When I actually get the visa then I will believe it. "

Lauren | Tech entrepreneur, Jamaica
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